Sunday, August 23, 2009

Busy Saturday & Not-So-Lazy Sunday

Yesterday was BUSY. Run with Liz, hang out with Jaquelene, Laura G's wedding, hang out with my brother/sister/dad/nephew for a bit, then it was off to the Seahawk's game. Exhausted.

Liz and I ran a little over 6 miles yesterday morning, but we were both a little sore/hurting, so our pace was a little slower. But hey, we ran. Liz was acting like a dancing fool while we were stopped at crosswalks...I jump, she dances. Very entertaining, but we only got three honks this time...we were off our game!
Here, Liz demonstrates a knee stretch (but I thought it just looked funny):
We did some fartleks again, and Liz started them out by yelling "FARTLEK, GO!" I think I laughed more this way and worked the abs. By the end of the giant hill back to Liz's house we were fartleked (aka our way of saying "wiped out").

I just did some calculations and I figured out I've run 667.6 miles since last September. To me, this is awesome. My first "Runnerversary" is coming up and I'm happier now with my progress than ever. I feel great! :) This is totally why I run.


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