Saturday, July 25, 2009

Torchlight Race Today!

Torchlight at 6:30pm today. I'm definitely not looking forward to the heat, but I'm excited for the race nonetheless. I haven't really been to any Seafair festivities, so this should be fun! The parade is right after, so my Saturday night is set. :)

Goal: To finish under 45 minutes. I ran the Beat the Bridge in 40, so I think this is fairly reasonable considering the heat/humidity.

Bring it!!


  1. Was beat the bridge an 8K though?

  2. Have fun! I'm thinking I'll do this one next year, so I'll check back here to see what you thought.

    (Recently found your site; looking for a little inspiration, so thanks! Just started running again after a really long time and blogging about it at

  3. Yup, Beat the Bridge was an 8K. :)


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