Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Runner Profile: Meet Doug

To others, his name is Doug, but to me he is "Uncle Doug." I find it strange to call him just Doug, as Uncle always preceded his name. But he's more than just my mum's brother, he's an inspiration to me when it comes to running.

1. What is your favorite stretch?
None! I don't stretch.

2. Do you have any pre-race rituals?

3. What motivates you to run?
Enjoyment, I just enjoy the physical sensation of running.

4. How long have you been running?
41 years

5. Running shoe of choice?
Saucony Kilkenney

6. Best advice received?
"Miles make the champion." Arthur Lydiard

7. What do you think about when running?

Anything that pops into my head

8. What is something you cannot run without?
My underwear

9. What race distance is your favorite?
5 miles

10. Most outrageous running story you've heard or experienced?
True story: An older runner and a younger runner were duking it out in a 10 mile road race. At about the 8 mile mark a thunderstorm hits with a heavy downpour. Suddenly a bolt of lightening hits a tree about 20 yards away, followed by a tremendous clap of thunder. A couple of hundred yards down the road the younger runner turns to the older runner and says "I'm not sure, but when that lightening hit I think i peed my pants."


  1. LOL! Loved the answer to the last question, and enjoyed meeting Uncle Doug. :)


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