Monday, July 13, 2009

Perfect Weather

Last night's run was great--absolutely perfect temperature, wind, light. It felt good! I was a little worried about running because the thunder/lightning storms that were going on all over Puget Sound, but it didn't even rain while I was out. A part of me was thinking "oh crap, what if I got struck by lightning while running??" and "would I actually sizzle???". Morbid, I know. Kinda funny reminded me of the old dude in The Curious Case of Benjamin Button that was struck by lightning seven times and they showed these old-school flashbacks of the encounters with electricity. Ha ha! I guess I saw myself in a black & white flashback.

Did 30 reps of deadlifts with 80 lbs. Got a little distracted afterwards and worked on my sailboat until 10:30pm. Oops.

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