Sunday, July 26, 2009

Not my finest...

The Torchlight Run was wicked awesome! I'm stoked to do it again next year, as it was a fun race to experience. The last two miles are smack dab in the middle of downtown Seattle, with crowds of people on either side of the road (parade goers) cheering and high-fiving runners.
I would have had a blast if I hadn't drank so much water (damn being hydrated for a race for once!). I seriously had to pee so bad that I couldn't run as fast as I wanted--how embarrassing! :( Before the race, the bad juju was there:
  • Trav's car wouldn't start, so luckily took mine instead
  • Thought I forgot the N.O. Xplode, but it ended up being in the trunk
  • All of the porta-potty lines before the race were over a block long (ugh)
  • While pinning my bib, I pricked my thumb and was bleeding all over the place
  • In the beginning of the race, I dropped my inhaler by accident and someone kicked it, thus, I lost it
  • I couldn't stop thinking about using the restroom
  • I super sucked hardcore...
The weather was really muggy and hot, so that didn't help (but, HA!, I was hydrated dammit!). If I wasn't so "hydrated" then I could've ran the last two miles JUST FINE. I had the energy, and I felt good. Crapity crap crap crap.

Oh well, now I'm determined to kick this race's butt next year!! Take that Torchlight!


  1. Sometimes that's all it takes! Remember Beat the Bridge? Then this year you totally kicked the bridge's ass!

  2. Having to "go" when you are running is the WORST. :) Good job on the race, though, even if you think it wasn't your "finest."

    (PS: Thanks for the visit over at mom vs. marathon.)


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