Sunday, July 26, 2009

Non-Running Training: Flippin'!

I seriously couldn't sleep this morning and woke up at 4am. After playing around on the computer I realized that it was light out and the birds were chirping, so I attempted to go back to bed. Yeah right. My legs were restless and I pretty much told myself, "well, might as well go for a run." So my 6am 3.3 miler was pretty refreshing. I listened to my mellow Coldplay album and just enjoyed the outdoors. It felt really good compared to last night's race. ;)

After I got back from my run, it was back into bed!

Then, Trav and I went to Lake Tapps with some friends and swam around a whole bunch. Because of my new piercing, I couldn't jump in the water or go under. Bummer. It was still fun and tiring too...I brought my flippers and was a flippin' maniac. Haha! Great leg workout for today!

And now, off to bed. I'm exhausted and sunned out. G'night!

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