Saturday, July 11, 2009

No-Run Day

I seriously did enough physical activity for the day, and I'm totally spent. Today was "clean out my childhood room at Dad's" day with my bro. We moved boxes and cleared my shelves full of collectible dolls. It was really sad. :( Dad, Ryan and I also moved the sailboat down to my house too...and THAT's what has been so physically demanding! I've been cleaning/scrubbing/scrapping that boat for hours in the sun. Beat. Totally beat. The boat looks pretty good, but I need to sand and reapply new resin over the entire hull. It needs it BAD. But it should be a fun project. I've missed working on the boat! The sail, boom, mast, rudder and daggerboard look fantastic! Like new! :) Yay!

So it's Saturday night. What's up?


  1. Pretty cool. I know how crappy it is to clean out your old room but I guess it's just part of life. I can't wait to see AngelFish!

    I've been waiting until it cools some for my run. It's so freakin' hot. Normally I do three days on, one day off.


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