Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Did I just run in Cape Cod??

I started off my day with a 6am run (ok, so it was 6:08, close enough), and the picture is what my iPhone told me about the current conditions. It seriously felt like I was running in Cape Cod. Case in point: it was mug-gy! What a balmy 73 degrees! I don't think I worked up that much of a sweat because I only ran a 2.5 miler, but boy was a dripping when I got back home. I think I was more of a humidity sponge, a condensation collector, really. :) The only things missing were East Bay, Wianno Road and the salt water smell/view.
*Side note*: I miss Cape Cod immensely.

Last night I ran at around 8:45, and it was a sports-bra-only kind of run. Yeah, I blinded people with my uber pale stomach--I'm sure they thought the sun hadn't set yet. It wasn't my fastest pace, but I'm just glad I got a run in. Because that's what counts, right?


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