Monday, July 27, 2009

How 'bout a day off?

I got my share of exercise over the weekend, and this heat is definitely not helping in the motivation department...soooo...I'm not going to run tonight. Day off! Instead, I'll do some indoor stairs. :)

Tomorrow, despite the muggy heat, it's back to business as usual.


  1. Be careful! They're talking about upper 90s and 100s. Yikes.


    I have a custom made training plan which projects me running a half marathon eventually. It follows all the rules of running. Even the best distance runners in the world take rest days. I was told that one day a week should be total rest (no workout at all) and one day a week would be a 30 min slow walk. Then two days a week are cross-training. Your body needs these times to accomplish faster speeds and longer distances.

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