Friday, July 31, 2009

Blog Makeover!

Notice something different with my blog? It's got a brand new skin! My blog has new clothes! Hee hee!

This awesome new layout is by: Olivina [design house]

Thais is an up and coming blog designer that's looking for more blogs to transform into masterpieces! She's offering a special introductory design price of $20 for the month of August. I highly recommend her service, as she worked with me to make my blog unique and, well, more me. ;)
Please check out her design portfolio for examples of her work.

Thanks, Thais!


  1. Yeah, I noticed last night, it looks great!

  2. Hey Zoë! Thank you so much for the reference :) you're a sweet heart. I loved working with you and designing a clean looking blog! I'll come often to check your runnings :)


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