Monday, July 20, 2009

95 Degrees?!

The weather for Saturday is supposed to be in the mid 90's. UGH. I'm awful at running in the heat, especially now more than ever it seems. I used to be alright at it, but now...not so much. I'm planning on drinking a ton of water this week, as well as getting plenty of ZZzzzZZZ's.

My run tonight was mildly reminiscent of previous said Maple Syrup Effect, but not as bad. Slow, but fairly steady. The sun was setting and it was beautiful out. Got chased by a dog that thought it was waaaay bigger than it was. Swallowed a bug and choked/coughed a whole bunch. Yuck.

Yeah, it just wasn't my run. :/

I did buy a purple running top for this Saturday, in honor of my angel niece, Janell's, 5th birthday. I'm running for her. <3

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