Thursday, December 4, 2008

What A Feeling

I ran with Alison last night in Downtown Seattle. We went through Myrtle Edwards park along the waterfront and past the mill on Elliott Bay. My running tracker wasn't working properly, so I didn't know how far we went until I got home: 5.86 miles! Yay! It was a looooong run, but it felt awesome. Alison and I pretty much have the exact same pace (that is, if she wasn't going slow for me!), so it was easy to get a rhythm going. The hills at the end were killer, so we walked up the steepest one--if we didn't, my lungs probably would have exploded out of my chest for sure.

Seriously a perfect evening to run, too. The water was dead calm and there was a slight breeze that felt awesome. It didn't rain at all, and we didn't run into any real sketchy characters (*phew*). Oh, but Alison almost got chased by this "bold" little dog...but it was too chicken. :)

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